Where To Read…

Fan Fiction is an interesting phenomenon, and apparently has its beginnings as far back as the 1930’s, possibly before that.  It has been a tool used by interprising writers and fans who want more of whatever has tickled their passions and imaginations in a world full of fanciful themes and characters.

I do archive most of my work in a few other sites, and primarily on Live Journal at the community Section VII.  This is a writing community that I started and continue to cultivate alongside some wonderful people who also love and write MFU fiction.  At present we are considering a more troubling matter, that of the new Russian presence that has  prompted a user agreement that entitles the owners of LJ to more broad strokes of control than we were, perhaps, ready to accept.  Dreamwidth.org is an alternate site where we mirror all of our content, thereby providing an escape hatch, of sorts.

The other sites where I have actively placed my work are these:

girlintheglen fanfiction.net

girlintheglen AO3


While all of these external sites do have the work I’ve submitted over the past six years, what I am collecting on this blog are among my favorites, beginning with the first story.  It is my own personal anthology, and of course is subject to editing and revision.

Isn’t that just the way of things?



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